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I found these on the web and decided they had an interesting story. So. I decided to give them a try, at the time they offered a special promotion of all three wedges for $97. I thought, "How could I go wrong"? I replaced the wedges in my bag with these and off to the golf course. I had replaced clubs where one of my wedges had cost much more that all three of my new BombTech wedges.

BombTech Golf Wedges

My first round of golf wasn't something to write home about. I simply had a bad day and blame it on thinking too much. I didn't want to blame the clubs, so I did one thing when I got back home. I regripped the clubs to match the other clubs in my bag. I use a midsized grip.

Well, the next round I promised my self to not think so much. I had a much better round and had success with the wedges from the rough, out of the sand and around the green.

I decided I had stumbled onto a nice set of wedges - at a very nice price. I feel as though I can recommend the wedges with out any restrictions. Here is a link to the BombTech Golf website:
BombTech Golf - Wedges


  • Lie: 64*
  • Cast: 304 Stainless
  • Bounce: 12, 10, 8*
  • Loft: 52, 56, 60*
  • Head Weight: 308 Grams
  • Swing Weight: D5
  • Shaft: Stepped Steel
  • Wedge Length: 35 1/4 Inches
  • Grind: Heel and Toe Grind

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