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5 Minutes to Tee-Time

5 Minutes to Tee-Time

Do you feel rushed to warm-up before you tee off?

Are you tired of missing the fairway with your opening drive?

Are you lacking the initial flexibility needed to swing the club?

Let’s face it, the game of golf is hard enough.

It's a proven fact that the average golfer “gives away” anywhere from 3-5 strokes in the first few holes of the golf round, not because they are bad golfers…but because they are NOT prepared to swing the club.

With 5 Minutes to Tee-Time™, we are excited to introduce a safe, effective, and most importantly, a timely approach to a golf warm-up.

5 Minutes to Tee-Time™ is a series of golf specific flexibility and conditioning exercises designed to prepare your upper, middle, and lower portions of your body to immediately contribute to a fluid golf swing.

Is five minutes enough time to prepare your body for the golf swing? Absolutely!

It is not the amount of time you put into a golf warm-up...but the quality of the movements chosen.

The manual is not intended to take the place of your exercise or conditioning program. It is designed however, to give you a realistic approach to preparing your swing from the first tee making the golf round much more enjoyable.

The Bag Tag

Included in the 5 Minutes to Tee-Time kit is a manual and a laminated bag tag. The bag tag has images that depict the movements of the entire warm-up routine for instance refreshing of the exercises to get you ready for the first tee.

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Sample Movements

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