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Weekend-golfer.com is helping weekend golfers of all skill levels get more enjoyment from their golf game. Browse through the different golf sections to find just what you need to help your golf game. We have great information on anything from golf equipment to practice tools, golf tips to gift baskets, what ever you need in the way of "golf", we have it.

The Long and Short of Golf

The Key to Hitting Straighter
and Longer - Today.

Remember, the driver determines how high your score is, the putter determines how low your score is. Golf starts from the tee box, not from the green. Don’t ruin your round from the tee box.

I wish I had said that, but it is a quote from Quiet Golf by Lance Reader, President of Krank Golf.

Lateral Line Traditional Putter

L2 Lateralline Traditional Putter

Size does matter. It's worth the "weight"

I got a new putter!
Recently I was having some trouble with my putter, it simply was not working as I expected it should. I have since replaced my old putter. I now have a putter I can stand behind with no reservations.

Click through to get more information and watch my video using the L2 Lateral Line Traditional Putter!!

For more information and SPECIAL PRICING, click, Lateral Line Traditional Putter.

Banana Putting

Putt Better Tomorrow

Banana Putting

I know what you’re thinking: this is another one of those empty promises… I’ve already read dozens of books promising, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I can play better golf with no effort... what makes this any different?

Hopefully those words above jumped off the page at you. Who wouldn’t want to putt better tomorrow? You’ve probably been perfecting a lousy game your entire golf career. You’re probably asking “how can this guy fix my game overnight”

Harry Taylor Wedges

Series 305 Wedges

Harry Taylor Wedges Our precision milled wedges produce maximum spin and control. Each wedge has been designed with the proper bounce to help from digging and allows the club to glide through turf or sand.

Check out what we think about the Harry Taylor Wedges.

The Whippy - TempoMaster

The most effective golf training club you will ever use!

The Whippy - TempoMaster The Whippy - TempoMaster

For years and years golfers have always felt that there was something lacking in their ability to learn to swing the golf club. Golfers have taken lesson after lesson only to hear the same old stuff. You are too handsy. You're not making your shoulder turns. You need to swing the club head and not hit with your hands and arms from the top and so on.

The best thing about The Whippy TempoMaster is you are developing a feel for your swing while you are hitting balls not just siwinging a device aimlessly through the air with no visual ball flight and no feel of ball contact. Visual ball flight, the feel of ball contact, the weight of the club head swinging, and the flex, or lack of flex, in the shaft is what makes The Whippy TempoMaster so effective.

For more information please click, The Whippy - TempoMaster.

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Spotless Swing Golf Towel

Don't play with dirty clubs - it is costing you strokes

Spotless Swing Golf Towel

Lower Your Scores:
Golfing with clean clubs optimize your performance, increasing distance, accuracy and backspin.

With Spotless Swing behind your swing, you’re ready for every shot – 1st hole to the 18th!

Spotless Swing is now used by more than 30 professionals on the PGA and Champions Tours includingrecent US Open and Masters winners.

For more information and SPECIAL PRICING, click, Spotless Swing Golf Towel.

3 Easy Steps to a Professional Swing Pane


3 Easy Steps to a Professional Swing PlaneFollow These 3 Easy Steps To Groove A Professional Swing Plane And Hit The Ball Straighter, Longer And More Consistently Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Click the book for more information.

The Roll-in Putter

from Bob Burns Golf

Bob Burns Golf - Roll-In Putter The Roll-In Putters present a line of putters with a contemporary design and a revolutionary technology.

Check out what we think about the Roll-in Putter.

Power Maximus Weighted Lob-Wedge!

Improve Distance and Accuracy

Introducing the Power Maximus Weighted L-Wedge from Medicus. The Medicus has been chosen by golf pros as the #1 golf training club in the world. Now Medicus is bringing you the PowerMaximus Weighted L-Wedge to build your golf muscles. The PowerMaximus Weighted Lob-Wedge is both a weighted trainer and a USGA-approved regulation Lob-Wedge.

Click to learn more about the Power Maximus Weighted Lob-Wedge.

ProPlay Glove & Grip Fitting System

The perfect grip - everytime.

ProPlay Glove and Grip Fitting SystemA proper grip is the single most important part of a good golf game.

The ProPlay Fitting System consists of the ProGlove and ProGrips which helps ensure the perfect grip...every time.

Highly effective... Yet simple as 1-2-3!

Click to learn more about the ProPlay Fitting System.

Stuffitts Shoe Savers

Your Shoes New Best Friend.

Stuffitts - Your shoes new best friend.Stuffits absorb nearly 100% of wetness and odor-causing bacteria, doing most of the work in under and hour!.

No more smelly golf shoes - Check out the Stuffitts page.

Haber Vision

Polarized Sunglasses for Golfers.

Haber Vison golf Sunglasses Jim Mclean, world's top golf instructor, wearing a pair of Haber Vison Golf Sunglasses.

For more information, please click Haber Vision Golf Sunglasses.

Sports Nutrition Guidebook

by Nancy Clark

Sports Nutrition Guidebook - Buy it Now! Boost your energy, manage stress, build muscle, lose fat, and improve your performance with the all-time best-selling sports nutrition guide!

Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook will help you make the right food choices in grocery stores, restaurants, drive-throughs, and your own kitchen.

Whether you’re preparing for competition or simply eating on the go, let sport's leading nutritionist show you how to get maximum benefit from the foods you choose and the meals you make. You’ll learn how to eat before exercise and events as well as how to refuel afterward for optimal recovery.

To find out more, click Sports Nutrition Guidebook.

101 Stretches for Golf

For golfers only.

101 StretchesIs Lack of Flexibility Affecting your Golf Swing?

Find out what it takes to restore the normal range of motion in your hips, back, hamstrings and shoulders so you are feeling refreshed and ready for your next round of golf. Click Here!

5 Minutes to Tee-time

Get Ready Fast

101 StretchesFeel rushed to warm-up before you tee off?

Tired of missing the fairway with your opening drive?

Lacking the initial flexibility needed to swing the club?

Click Here for more information.

Systems Approach to Golfing

By Chip Heyl

Systems Approach to GolfingLearning to play golf well can be a frustrating and extremely difficult experience. What some of us have learned is that teaching someone else to play golf well can be every bit as difficult and frustrating!

Chip Heyl's book Systems Approach to Golfing takes the mystery and the menace out of both learning and teaching. Chip's contribution for the learner is to provide him a book that addresses every aspect of the game in a straight-forward, logical fashion.

The many excellent graphics Chip haeloped present the basics of every type of shot clearly and concisely. For the teacher, Chip's System Approach provides an incomparable classroom resource which should help focus and encourage classroom participation and subsequent practice sessions.

Go to Chip's web site to get more information on this excellent book that will help your golf game, http://www.golfsystems1.com

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